Real estate data for the MENA region

Predict how prices will move, anticipate market trends before your competitors, and optimize your investments with the best data in the MENA region.

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Get Pricing Data

Conduct instant price comparisons of properties with data collected simultaneously from across real estate platforms.

Fuel Conversions with our Property Valuation API

Boost your real estate website’s conversions with our API-powered property valuation tool, delivering accurate assessments in an instant.

Forecast Market Trends

Forecast sales, ROI, and predict future trends with real-time and historical real estate data on market cycles, lowest values, peak prices, and purchase trends .

Real estate data for every need

Real Estate Listing Data

Clean, de-duplicated real estate listings across platforms. Access all listings in real time.

Property Valuation API

Leverage our property valuation API for up-to-date real estate data, empowering real estate professionals to make informed decisions and identify lucrative investment opportunities.

Agency Catalogue Data

Data on the property inventory on an agency and agent basis.

Clean. Reliable. Complete.

Propolis, our proprietary data cleaning platform, has been specifically developed to ensure data is clean, matched and de-duplicated across platforms.

Get insight into the market with the best data

Real-time Property Valuation API

Empower decision-making with Dotlas’ property valuation API. Access accurate real estate data, trends, and comparisons for informed choices by agencies, developers, and analysts. Stay ahead with up-to-date rental prices and uncover investment opportunities.  

Flexible data delivery solutions

Dotlas’ data delivery solutions are tailored to your exact needs. Whether you need your data delivered as a single-purchase bulk data spreadsheet, a usage-based API, or regular marketing lists, simply contact us and we will work with you to develop the solution that fits your needs.

Residential property data

View detailed ownership, sales, listing, and loan origination data for every property in the MENA region. Unlock new insights and make valuable connections that you never even knew existed with ease.


Commercial property data

Office building, shops, showrooms, industrial land, harehouses, commercial buildings, and more. No matter what you are looking for, we have the data.

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