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Data for every need

Restaurant Metadata

Get 40+ data features on restaurant data for all available cities.

Data features include:

  • Brand name
  • Country/city/neighbourhood
  • Address
  • Coordinates
  • Contacts (phone numbers, email)
  • Restaurant website
  • Social profiles (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Cuisine category
  • Delivery availability
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Restaurant rating (from different platforms – aggregated or per platform)
  • Review count (from different platforms – aggregated or per platform)
  • Price range
  • Popular dishes
  • Operating hours
  • Other (awards, executive chef, entertainment options, etc.)

Menu Data

Menu data includes the following features:

  • Menu name
  • Dish category
  • Dish name
  • Dish description
  • Dish price
  • Dish image

When purchasing menu data, we also make available the add-ons for each dish. For example, if the dish is “Cheese burger”, we make available all of the possible extras the restaurant offers, such as “extra pickles” or “add chips”.

Restaurant Photos

For each restaurant, we provide high-quality photos of:

  • Ambience
  • Food
  • Menu

Reviews & Ratings Data

We provide reviews and ratings from sources, including restaurant aggregators, review sites or food delivery apps.

Data for every use case

B2C F&B Apps

Are you looking to create a restaurant app that stands out from the competition?

Dotlas provides comprehensive restaurant data that helps you create a superior user experience for your customers. 

Marketing & Advertising

Are you looking to reach a specific audience with your marketing and advertising campaigns?

Dotlas provides comprehensive restaurant data to help you target your campaigns to the right audience.

Market Research

Are you in the market research industry and looking to gain deeper insights into the restaurant industry?

Dotlas empowers you with comprehensive restaurant data to help you understand the industry landscape and consumer behaviour.

Our Data

Dotlas acquires data from hundreds of sources, including Google, Instagram, as well as local and international food review sites, delivery companies and merchant aggregators.

This multitude of sources allows us to create the most complete dataset anywhere on the market.

To ensure the data is of the highest quality, we clean and triangulate record validity from multiple sources, providing you with accurate and reliable insights for your business.

Proven Results

Dubai is one of the world’s most competitive markets for the F&B industry as well as food tech businesses. Consumers within the market are spoiled for choice, making it a market in which to gain market share businesses need to be on their A-game, as consumers can very easily switch to another high-quality provider. Therefore, the data featured an app is critical to ensure consumers stick with the product.

Even the most well established players in the market lag far behind Dotlas’ completeness of data in the market. Be it restaurant aggregators and review sites such as Zomato or Trip Advisor, or food delivery companies such as Talabat or Deliveroo, no other company displays as complete a restaurant catalogue in Dubai as Dotlas.

Restaurant Data in Dubai

Try our data!

At Dotlas, we understand that seeing is believing, which is why we offer a free sample data download to our potential clients. Our sample data provides a glimpse into the depth and accuracy of our data solutions, of our comprehensive restaurant metadata. 



Restaurant Metadata

40+ Features

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