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How Dotlas helps you

Dotlas is here to help you analyze and select the very best markets and locations for your business. We do as much of the number-crunching as possible so that you have results in minutes, not months.

City Insights

Dig into each market’s competitive dynamics with a report that helps you uncover which markets show the most potential for your business. Understand who are the biggest players within your category, where they are located, what is their pricing, among many other  data points.

Site Reports

Get a report for each individual location you are targeting and understand it’s characteristics among several factors: from what its expected sales area would be, what areas of the city your restaurant would be covering in delivery applications, the site’s demographics, income levels and statistics on nearby competition.

Competition Analysis

Dig into your competition to understand where they choose to locate themselves as well as detailed information on price points, opening hours, top outlets, most popular categories in an area, among others.

Compare Sites & Download Data

Get an overview of all your potential sites and compare them among the key metrics that make most sense for your business ensuring you make the best possible location opening decision substantiated on data.

Finding the Best Locations Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Be it a fast-food place, a high-end sushi restaurant, or anything in between, our expertise in your specific use case and market enables us to map out the best potential locations for you.

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